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Simplifies Model Testing

MTest classic works with you – making lengthy induction training a thing of the past.

Thanks to a highly intuitive GUI, familiarizing yourself with MTest classic takes no time at all.

Testers confirm you can start working with MTest classic within the hour. And after only one day, you’ll already be a proficient MTest classic user!

What's New?

MTest classic version 2.49 has been released (September 2011)!

We have made a series of tutorial videos, which demonstrate how to install and begin working with MTest classic.


Developed by Testers for Testers

... because nobody understands your requirements better.

MTest classic automates many standard tasks in model testing to make your life easier.

The tester can then focus on critical tasks, leaving routine administrative work in the capable hands of MTest classic.

Current Version Highlights

MTest classic 2.4/2.49 includes many improvements in handling and important new features, such as:

  • Test release information is now aggregated and shown in test catalog
  • Batch testing is not interrupted by pop-ups or figures
  • Full support for CTE/XL v. 1.94
  • Release notes

Proven in Use for Almost a Decade

It has become almost impossible to imagine model testing without efficient tool support. All the more reason to choose a tool that has been tried and tested in practice.

MTest classic has been in daily use since 2000. The sophisticated testing methods it offers save you both time and money, as well as eradicating potential sources of error.

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